Meet our team

A-Vet is a recognized provider of veterinary services in Norway. With a team of highly skilled and experienced veterinarians, we offer a wide range of services for pets, including consultations, diagnostics, surgery and preventive care. 

At A-Vet, we continue to understand the importance of offering personalized treatment for each animal and their individual needs. Therefore, we are also obliged to use the latest technology and techniques in veterinary medicine and offer the highest possible standard of treatment to our patients. 

Whether your pet needs a routine checkup or advanced medical procedure, A-Vet is dedicated to providing compassionate and first-class care to help your pet live a happy and healthy life. Read on to meet our talented staff. 

A veterinarian holding a gray cat with green eyes.

Elisabeth Bjørnestad

Veterinarian and owner of the clinic
Elisabeth is a veterinarian and authorized ophthalmologist, and she has specialist expertise in eye surgery after undergoing the European School for Advanced Veterinary Studies in Toulouse in France in 2002, 2005 and 2011. Elisabeth is also authorized to issue knee joint and heart certificates ( Cavalier King Charles Spaniels ) for the Norwegian Kennel Club. She has postgraduate training in internal medicine, general surgery, oral surgery and ultrasound at the European School for Advanced Veterinary Studies. Elisabeth is particularly interested in emergency medicine and has attended many international courses in emergency medicine over the past 10 years. Elisabeth grew up in Oslo. Graduated from Norges Veterinærhøyskole (NMBU) in 1985. Has the vorsteherhund Atella.
A veterinarian holding a large dog with light fur.

Sidsel Bakås

Sidsel is from Ålen south in Trøndelag, and in February 2020 she completed her veterinary studies in Budapest. She started her practice at A-Vet shortly after the lock-down in March 2020. She worked at a clinic in Trondheim in the summer of 2019 and at a clinic in Røros in the winter half of 2019. Her areas of interest are particularly dentistry and reproduction. She spends large parts of her free time on the Aussie Linka. And although she thrives in the mountains at home in Trøndelag, she is constantly discovering new hiking areas in Vestfold and Telemark.
A veterinarian sitting and holding around a cat.

Magdalena Wozniak

Magdalena graduated from Wroclaw Univeristy of Environmental and Life Sciences in 2014. There she worked in a large clinic in Wroclaw in Poland, then she moved to Norway and worked in a clinic in Trondheim. From spring 2022, she has worked with us. Magdalena is particularly interested in internal medicine, ultrasound and heart diseases. She has attended many courses in ultrasound and has started a special further training in cardiology at the European School for Advanced Veterinary Studies (ESAVS).
A veterinarian holding around a dog sitting on an operating table.

Benedict Helljessen

Benedicte graduated from Wroclaw Univeristy of Environmental and Life Sciences in 2016. She has worked for several years in combined practice with both large and small animals in Northern Norway and Gudbrandsdalen. She has now settled in Larvik and started with us in autumn 2022. Benedicte likes a varied everyday life, but her main interests are the eye and surgery. She is an eye-candy aspirant and wants to work a lot with Elisabeth. Benedicte has a Border Collie called Bonnie.
A veterinarian holding a cat wrapped in a blanket.

Frida Løvseth

Animal caretaker
Frida is an animal nurse and graduated from the NMBU Veterinary College in 2021. In a short time, she has built up a lot of expertise in anesthesia and wants to further her education in this field. According to herself, Frida has the world's coolest cat, his name is Elmer.
A veterinarian leaning over a table with a white cat on his shoulders.

Nicolay B. Holm

Clinic secretary
Nicolay works at the reception here with us. He is an administrator, and keeps himself up to date on food for dogs and cats. In his spare time, he is very fond of the outdoors, and is an active hunter.
A pet sitter sitting between two small black dogs of the French bulldog breed.

Anna Ehrnborg

Anna is a clinic assistant and started with us in autumn 2022. She is an agronomist from upper secondary school and is very fond of animals. She can boast many years of experience with dogs, cats, horses, guinea pigs, rabbits, rats and aquarium fish. It is the French bulldog Saga that occupies most of his free time now.
A man holds a dog.

Preben B. Holm

Veterinary Student
Preben has worked permanently with us since 2015. He started as an assistant and IT manager, but quickly became interested in veterinary work and started studying in Budapest, Hungary in 2019. Now he works with us in his spare time.
A lady holding a black and white cat on her chest.

Renate Bentsen

Clinic secretary
Renate is our clinic secretary and you can find her at reception. She studies HR and management and is also our HR manager and takes good care of both animals, animal owners and employees. She has the cat Nicoline, who she is very fond of. Otherwise, she likes hiking and cross-country skiing!