Now you have the opportunity to subscribe to preventive care for your four-legged friend with our VetPlan scheme. Through VetPlan you invest in insurance for the dog or cat your by reducing the risk of serious health problems. Good health is the very best pet insurance you can have!

Through VetPlan, you get access to a tailored health plan throughout the year, for a fixed monthly amount. The subscription covers a number of benefits, including routine health checks and vaccinations, as well as personal guidance and expert tips. You receive regular and close follow-up with your veterinarian and pet sitter, who always do their utmost to ensure that your pet lives its best life.

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Tailor-made health plan for the whole year for a fixed monthly amount

With VetPlan, your pet receives regular supervision. As a VetPlan customer, you also get good discounts on additional services and products. Our aim is also that VetPlan, through better prevention and increased awareness of health, will lead to lower costs for you by minimizing the need for more extensive treatments. 

Extended health check

VetPlan has been developed so that your dog or cat will feel good and live as well as possible. In VetPlan Basis, you get the annual health check, as well as vaccinations. In addition, you get unlimited uncomplicated nail clippings and prescriptions.

In VetPlan Pluss, you also get a free teeth cleaning, as well as a blood test, a blood pressure measurement and a urine test.

How does it work?

You take out your VetPlan subscription with us. The first monthly fee is paid directly at the clinic at the start, and subsequent payments will then be made via direct debit. We would always recommend considering pet insurance that covers unforeseen expenses, regardless of whether you choose VetPlan or not. We are happy to provide you with more information about VetPlan! 

Choose VetPlan today for peace of mind and preventive care

Preventive care with VetPlan is one of the best choices you can make to ensure safety and care for your four-legged friend! With VetPlan, you get a tailor-made package of benefits and services that are specially designed to keep your fur coat healthy, happy and well-groomed. From great discounts on HD/AD x-rays and stool tests, to great deals on quality food from brands like Specific, Eukanuba and Virbac, VetPlan is the ultimate plan to give your pet the best care at a fantastic price. Not only that, through free weight control and nutritional advice help you can also ensure that your best friend maintains a healthy lifestyle. 

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