Other treatments and services for pets

Whether you have a dog, cat or hamster, we know that these family members play an important role in your life. At A-Vet, we focus on providing the best care and veterinary treatment for your pet when needed. With respect for animals, our veterinarians have high professional competence and extensive experience. We advise you and answer any questions you may have before, during and after treatment. This way you can feel confident that you are also providing the treatment and follow-up that promotes the health of your pet.

Emergency help and minimal stress for your pet

We are here for you when your animal needs urgent medical help. This could be if your animal has been injured, or suddenly gets worse after being in bad shape. With access to modern equipment and vets with specialist expertise, we ensure that we act quickly when time is of the essence. Treatment will be tailored as needed, and sedatives and anesthesia will be assessed individually. Do you have an anxious dog or cat? We can also offer sedatives in connection with blood sampling or minor examinations to minimize stress. It can be difficult to decide whether your pet should see a vet. Do not hesitate to Contact us if you are unsure, we will help you with the assessment!

Comprehensive care for your pet's health and well-being

Have you noticed a change in your pet? This can be a difference in coat quality, muscle loss or general condition and behaviour. In our laboratory, we carry out internal medicine investigations where we have the opportunity to test and analyze all test results quickly for further investigation.

With the help of different types of endoscopes, we offer scopies of the nose, respiratory tract, stomach and intestines, and if necessary, we ensure safe operations and effective rehabilitation - regardless of whether it concerns a routine operation such as castration, or advanced surgical interventions that require specialist expertise. We also offer laser therapy that can relieve pain and reduce inflammation linked to acute or chronic conditions.

If you need specialized certificates or help with reproduction

If you need specialized certificates, A-Vet has special approval from NKK and is able to print certificates for entering results in DogWeb. If you need help to achieve successful breeding and healthy puppies or kittens, we offer comprehensive advice and diagnostics. This includes everything from sperm tests and artificial insemination, to abortion injections in the event of a wrong pairing. 

Our outpatient clinic is usually the first stop when meeting with us. Here we do the initial investigations together with you and ask questions to map out what we can assist with. We offer flexible day boarding in separate dog and cat rooms. This way we can have your pet at the clinic and carry out an examination while you are at work. Contact us for a consultation or for more information about our services.

We prioritize urgent cases during our opening hours.

For urgent inquiries outside opening hours, please contact:


  • Tønsberg Veterinary Clinic's municipal guard tel. 33 33 33 33

  • Fredrikstad Dyrehospital's 24-hour guard tel. 69 30 48 30