Our services and treatments for dogs

Your four-legged friend deserves the best when it comes to health and care. Here at A-Vet Veterinærklinikk has extensive experience in caring for dogs. From routine health examinations and common injuries, to more complex illnesses and treatments that require specialist expertise. Our veterinarians ensure that your dog's well-being is always the highest priority. We understand how important your pet is to you. With a focus on quality and care, you get the advice you need before any procedure, as well as close follow-up both during and after. A-Vet Veterinærklinikk is here for you through all phases of your dog's life, from puppy to senior dog.

Dental treatment

Dental health is important for all pets regardless of age. We offer professional dental treatment for dogs. Our experienced vets give preventive advice on plaque and tartar, and you can also book an appointment for a thorough teeth cleaning where we carry out a full oral cavity examination. 


If you want to prevent and protect your furry friend against infectious diseases both in Norway and abroad, we offer dog vaccinations. We recommend a vaccine against kennel cough in addition to the core vaccines distemper, canine distemper (parvovirus) and infectious hepatitis.

X-ray and ultrasound

If a more thorough and precise physical examination is required, X-rays and ultrasounds are performed on dogs. With diagnostic imaging, we can carry out investigations in case of suspected bone fractures, foreign bodies in the abdomen, pregnancy tests and more. A-Vet is also approved through NKK and offers HD X-rays.

Certificates and grading

We have the option of printing knee joint certificates for admission of results in DogWeb, as well as execution of BOAS grading based on NKK its screening program. 

Castration and reproduction

If necessary for health reasons, we perform castration of dogs, both surgically and chemically. When it comes to reproduction, we offer comprehensive advice and diagnostics to ensure successful breeding and healthy puppies.

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We prioritize urgent cases during our opening hours. 

For urgent inquiries outside opening hours, please contact:

  • Tønsberg Veterinary Clinic's municipal guard tel. 33 33 33 33
  • Fredrikstad Dyrehospital's 24-hour guard tel. 69 30 48 30