Our surgical team

We carry out everything from uncomplicated castrations to advanced surgical interventions. All the employees who work in the surgical department are professional weight and further development important.

Elizabeth performs most of the work within eye surgery - corneal damage, entropion, ectropion, cherry eye-bleeding, distichiasis and ectopic cilia (misaligned eye hairs). She has taken advanced eye surgery courses in Toulouse in France and Madrid in Spain and learned different surgical approaches to the problems. We perform most soft tissue surgery.

The surgical vets/nurses carry out the clinical examinations, necessary imaging examinations, preparation of the patients for surgery, anesthesia monitoring and they assist when waking up after the operation. We always monitor our patients before, during and after the procedure. All patients lie on oxygen, and we continuously check their pulse, temperature, respiration, oxygen saturation, blood pressure and heart rhythm (ECG) when they are under anaesthesia. All animals are intubated and given oxygen during and after surgery.

Table of contents

Modern operating theatres

The operating theaters have state-of-the-art equipment that helps the team to do a precise, high-quality job. The surgeons often need advanced equipment to be able to perform a good job. Among other things, we have a high-quality surgical microscope that enables eye surgery. A-Vet has two operating theaters with modern monitoring equipment that allows us to monitor the patients during the entire operation. We work completely sterile to avoid complications and infections after the operation. We also have a ventilator that breathes for the patient if the patient is unable to breathe on their own.

European procedures

We work according to standardized European examination and treatment procedures. It is important to us that our customers are satisfied, and we want all our customers and four-legged friends to go home with a good experience of us.

A veterinarian operates on a cat.
A-Vet small animal clinic, Larvik. Photo by Preben Holm