Do you want litter on a dog or cat?

We offer counselling and diagnostics to determine the optimal mating day, including vaginal smears and progesterone measurements in our own clinic. We also perform artificial insemination by means of insemination and sperm assessment.

Our reproduction services:

Sperm test
Progesterone test
Vaginal smear
Pregnancy checks
Abortion syringe in case of mismating
The best time for mating is not always easy to determine on your own. At the clinic we can take a vaginal swab and tell approximately where in the cycle the bitch is, but the exact time of ovulation can be difficult to predict as this varies from dog to dog. As a rule, ovulation occurs from the middle to the end of the heat, but this varies greatly.

Measurement of progesterone

Another tool is to measure the level of progesterone in the bitch's blood. Progesterone will gradually increase from low levels in pre estrus to slightly higher levels in early estrus. This increase will result in a sudden surge of a hormone called LH which in turn results in ovulation. By using progesterone measurements, we can predict with greater certainty the best time for mating.

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