Help with problems with dog mating: Artificial insemination and insemination, and fertility checks

Are you experiencing problems with mating of dogs? A-Vet offers competent advice and help with mating dogs. Our advice is comprehensive and includes, among other things, diagnostics to find the optimal mating day for the dogs. Our treatments is based on expertise and long experience in helping dogs of different breeds with mating. We offer, among other things, vaginal examinations and progesterone measurements, and perform artificial fertilization with insemination and sperm evaluation. 

Our dedicated team of veterinarians and professionals will guide you through the entire process. Contact us for a consultation and let us help you achieve successful breeding and healthy puppies.

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What do our services in reproduction involve

When we help mating of dogs, we do this through several services in reproduction and gynaecology. These include, among other things, investigation of fertility problems, sperm assessment and pregnancy control. We also advise on optimizing the mating day, as well as perform artificial insemination on bitches. 

Our services in reproduction 

  • Artificial insemination 
  • Insemination
  • Fertility assessment and control of pregnancy 
  • Sperm test
  • Progesterone test
  • Vaginal smear
  • Abortion injection in case of mispairing
Dog on the vet's examination table.
Bitch on the vet's examination table.

Artificial insemination 

Artificial insemination of dogs is carried out on awake dogs while they are on the treatment table. In some cases, a low dose of sedative is used, so that the bitch relaxes her abdominal muscles. Some bitches find that being squeezed on the stomach is unpleasant. Artificial insemination takes only a few minutes. 

Artificial insemination in dogs 

Artificial insemination involves the veterinarian artificially transferring sperm to the bitch's genitals. A catheter or camera (endoscope) is used to place the sperm in the uterus through the cervix. There are three different methods for inseminating a bitch. It is done with fresh, cooled or frozen sperm. 

Artificial insemination price 

The price of artificial insemination varies. Only veterinarians with special expertise in reproduction can perform insemination on dogs. At A-Vet, we do this competently, with 100% focus on the dog's health.

Fertility investigation of bitches 

We carry out a fertility assessment if bitches have difficulty mating with male dogs, or become pregnant. Our veterinarians perform a clinical examination of the skin to detect anatomical problems, such as malformations. It is suspected that such problems make mating more complicated. When such an examination is carried out, a vaginal smear and/or progesterone sample is often taken. In some cases, ultrasound is used to examine the internal genital organs further. 

Vaginal smear 

A vaginal smear is an examination of the cells in the female's vaginal mucosa. A swab is used and rolled against the vaginal mucosa to collect cells. The best time for vaginal smears is when the bitch is approaching ovulation. The vaginal expression can be used to determine where in the menstrual cycle the bitch is, or for further diagnosis if diseases in the vagina are suspected. 

Progesterone test in bitches 

When a progesterone test is taken, the bitch's blood is examined. The level of progesterone in the blood indicates the most favorable time for mating, which is often several days apart. Incorrect timing of mating is the most common reason why bitches do not become pregnant. 

Measurement of progesterone values

Progesterone will gradually increase from low values ​​in proestrus to somewhat higher in early estrus. This increase will result in a sudden surge of a hormone called LH which in turn results in ovulation. By using progesterone measurements, we can predict with greater certainty the best time for mating.

Fertility assessment of male dogs using a sperm sample 

When examining the fertility of a male dog, a sperm sample (semen sample) is taken to check the quality. Several qualities are assessed under a microscope. This includes appearance, movement and any defects. It is an advantage if there is a female in heat present when the sample is taken, but most male dogs are also able to provide a semen sample without one. 

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Mating of dog 

Determining the best time for mating can be challenging, but it is crucial to planning a litter for dogs. When checking the possibilities for mating, a cell sample is taken from the bitch's vagina. This should predict the time of ovulation, but it varies from dog to dog. Therefore, it is difficult to be precise. While ovulation usually occurs from the middle to the end of the period, there can still be wide variations. 

At A-Vet's small animal clinic, we help and advise on the optimal time for mating. We determine the bitch's cycle and do everything we can to ensure a healthy litter of puppies. 

Three newborn puppies are fed by their mother.
Three puppies are fed by their mother.

Checking your dog's pregnancy 

If you have finally succeeded in mating, you can look forward to the arrival of the puppy. As with humans, you can take your dog to the vet for an ultrasound examination. Fetal diagnosis in dogs takes place on a secure basis with solid tools. With the help of ultrasound, pregnancy can be determined with certainty. Such a test has high reliability. An ultrasound examination can be carried out at the earliest 28 days after mating. 

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Abortion injection: We assist if a mispairing has occurred 

If the bitch has been wrongly mated, it is possible to induce an abortion with medical treatment. A hormone preparation is given in injection form twice with 24 hour intervals and is followed up with an ultrasound examination of the uterus to check that the treatment has had the desired effect.

What is the price for an abortion shot for a dog?

The price of an abortion shot varies. If this becomes relevant, you can contact us direct. 

High competence and long experience in helping dogs at A-Vet

Your four-legged friend deserves only the best when it comes to care. Dog treatments always takes place with a focus on quality, and at A-Vet we always prioritize the dog's health and well-being. We understand how important your dog is and help with everything from routine health examinations to complex treatment courses. Contact us if you need help and advice.