Why do we recommend insurance?

Your dog or cat may suffer an accident or become seriously ill. Veterinary treatment is not financed through taxes and fees as is the case with humans. The costs at the vet can quickly become high. Through insurance, you can have most of the costs of veterinary expenses covered by illness or accident.

You can also get rehabilitation after illness or injury and expenses for prescription drugs covered by several insurance companies. Mixed-breed dogs and domestic cats can be insured.

Do good research

The insurance companies often have a normal and an extended insurance and the price difference is often not large, even if the coverage is considerably greater on the extended variant. The insurance is valid until the animal is 10-13 years old, depending on the insurance company.

The prices and what can be covered vary from company to company. That's why it's a good idea to call around and ask. Check your needs before you decide. It is important to note the maximum sum insured and how large the deductible is. NOK 10 in sum insured may sound like a lot, but for a break or an operation at night, the sum will be much higher. Prices can vary from around NOK 000 per month for cat veterinary insurance and NOK 85 per month for dog insurance (185).

Life insurance

In addition to veterinary expenses, you can get life insurance that can provide compensation if the animal dies. You can get medical expenses and dental expenses covered due to damage with some companies, but not with all. Rehabilitation and cancer treatment can also be covered by some companies. There are special insurances for breeders, hunters and those who compete with dogs.

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