Eye inflammation in dogs

Eye inflammation in dogs can be dangerous and irritating because the dog's eyes are sensitive organs, and eye problems such as an eye inflammation or an eye infection are incredible...

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Fever in dogs

A fever in a dog is one of the most common indicators that your four-legged friend is not feeling well. In case of fever, or hyperthermia as it also…

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A table collie rests its head on a floor.
A table collie rests its head on a floor

Scabies on dog

There are many different types of scabies, but when we talk about scabies on dogs, it is usually fox scabies (Sarcoptes scabiei var. vulpes) that applies.…


Running time in dogs

Mating time in dogs Mating time in dogs is really just another way of saying that the bitch has become sexually mature and can become pregnant. When the dog has…


Epilepsy in dogs

Epileptic seizures are a complex and worrying condition that can affect quadrupeds as well as us bipeds. These seizures can vary in intensity and type,…


Cataracts in dogs

Cataract, or cataract, in dogs is a condition where the lens of the eye becomes cloudy. The gray spots that occur on the dog's eyes are due to changes…

KarlStorz endoscope, rhinoscope
Karl Storz - Rhinoscope - This is used, among other things, in the cat's nose


What is endoscopy? An endoscope is simply explained as a flexible tube with light and a mirror/camera at the end. An endoscopic examination gives us the opportunity to…