Lyme disease is a serious bacterial disease which is transferred with wood tick bite. The occurrence of Lyme bacteria is greatest in Agder, Telemark and Vestfold.

Lyme disease vaccine can save lives.

The borrelia bacteria, which transmitted via tick bites, can lead to the serious disease Lyme disease in dogs and cats. Not all animals stay infected with Lyme disease, develops the disease. Lyme disease can cause joint inflammation, muscle pain, fever and reduced appetite. In chronic cases, the skin, heart, kidneys and nervous system can be affected.

Get Borrelia vaccine from a vet

Lyme disease is very serious. Here at our animal clinic, we have more than 10 cases of Lyme disease per year. year and 1-2 dogs with us die annually as a result of organ failure because the patient comes in too late for treatment.

We usually protect our dogs against the bacteria by using various preventive tick products, but we also offer a vaccine against Lyme disease. The vaccine does not prevent the tick from attaching to the dog, but protects against the disease itself. In the first year, two vaccines are given 3-4 weeks apart. It is advisable to vaccinate in the winter/spring months to adapt the vaccination time to the tick season. The dog is then vaccinated once a year to stay protected.