Emergency vet for dogs and cats

When: emergency vet and veterinary assistance is necessary, we are at A-Vet vet duty ready to welcome you and your four-legged friend. Our dedicated team has training in handling emergency situations and will do our utmost to help.

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Why choose our emergency vet clinic?

  • Specialized expertise. Our vets have undergone thorough training in emergency medicine, and our clinic is equipped with advanced technology to handle all types of emergency situations.
  • Emergency patients are given priority and will always be offered to come to us. For spring Partly this means that we sometimes have to move hours and change the timetable, so that the animals who need it most can get help from an emergency vet.
  • Rapid diagnostics. With a well-equipped laboratory, we can quickly and efficiently analyze samples. We work closely with international radiologists to ensure precise and quick answers to diagnostic imaging.
  • Advanced equipment. Our clinic is equipped with oxygen, artificial ventilation, and advanced monitoring equipment that allows us to closely monitor vital parameters, including respiration, pulse, oxygen saturation, ECG and blood pressure.
  • Surgical treatment. Our veterinarians perform emergency surgery. In those cases where If we cannot perform the operation ourselves, we will stabilize the patient before referring him to an animal hospital.

Availability at A-Vet veterinary care 

Emergencies can arise at any time, which is why we offer long open monday – Thursday and veterinary care on weekends to ensure your pets get the care they need, when they need it. We do our utmost to constantly expand the offer.

We are available:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: 08:00–18:00
  • Saturday: 10:00–15:00 (Staff at the clinic)
  • Sunday: 10:00–18:00 (On-call duty, collaboration with several clinics)

Collaborate for extra support

We have a close partnership with Fredrikstad Animal Hospital to ensure rapid referral and access to advanced treatment if needed. This enables us to offer continuous veterinary care and follow-up throughout the year. When every second counts, you can rely on A-Vet for professional and caring help from an emergency vet. We are here to give your pets the best care!

When should you see an emergency vet?

You should seek veterinary care in the event of any acute illness or injury. If the animal has been in bad shape for a long time, but has suddenly become worse, you should also contact the emergency vet. Unfortunately, all pets can be exposed to diseases and injuries from time to time. Some of these can be both painful and life-threatening, and there may be a need for emergency veterinary care. Getting treatment as quickly as possible saves the animal unnecessary pain and can also save lives.

Conditions that require emergency veterinary care

At A-Vet, we see various examples of conditions that require urgent veterinary care. In the event of, among other things, abdominal rotation, inflammation of the uterus, acute vomiting and diarrhoea, collision or birth problems, there may be a need for immediate treatment.

In addition, there are a number of other conditions that can be acute, and it is therefore important that you as the owner are always aware of your pet's behaviour. Do you have a pet that seems lethargic, just wants to lie down, shows signs of fever, refuses to eat or drink, has changed drinking or urination patterns, experiences problems with urination or defecation, or shows other symptoms of illness? Do not hesitate, contact the nearest vet immediately.

For less urgent inquiries, you can book an appointment with A-Vet here or call us at 33 13 98 40

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