Calming for dogs and cats

We attach great importance to ensuring that our patients do not experience pain or fear during examinations and treatments. We understand that our furry family members can also experience stress and anxiety. That is why we offer calming for dogs and cats for blood sampling or minor examinations, to create a stress-free experience. We understand that a negative experience at the vet can have long-term consequences for the animal's well-being. 

Whether it's fear of veterinary visits, travel anxiety or general nervousness, we have tailor-made solutions to suit each individual pet. Our experienced team of animal lovers and professional veterinarians will ensure that your pets feel safe and relaxed throughout their treatment.

Table of contents

Anesthesia for dogs and cats

For surgical interventions, we offer anesthesia for dogs and cats. When it comes to surgical interventions, the right anesthetic is crucial, and we take into account the animal's breed, age, general condition and type of operation when we assess which anesthetic is most suitable. Our experienced team of veterinarians and animal caretakers are trained in the use of anesthesia to ensure a stress-free experience for the animals. 

We use modern monitoring equipment to adapt the dosage individually to each patient, and at the same time maintain a constant monitoring of vital functions. Whether it is inhalation of gas or intravenous liquid form, we ensure a thorough and gentle anesthesia with a short awakening time. Whatever is planned, you can trust that your four-legged family members are in safe hands with us. We are here to ensure that your dog or cat receives the best care during anesthesia so that they can quickly return to their happy, healthy selves.

A safe medical team at A-Vet

During our operations, not only the surgeon, but also an experienced animal nurse is present to continuously monitor the anaesthesia. This extra layer of care reduces the risk of complications. Our skilled vets are thoroughly trained in a number of medical areas, and they are ready to handle everything from preventive health checks to emergency situations. We are dedicated to staying abreast of the latest medical advances in order to offer the most modern and effective treatment for your animals.

At the same time, we recognize that anesthesia always entails a certain risk. Our dedicated anesthetist closely monitors the patient's vital signs, including respiration, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, heart rate and EKG throughout the procedure. Any complications, such as low blood pressure, are handled professionally, although this may incur additional costs for the owner.

Continuous monitoring

After the operation, the animal is carefully returned to its cage on a soft mattress, carefully wrapped to maintain body heat. Continuous monitoring before, during and after surgery ensures that we can provide the necessary care for a safe and positive process of waking up from sedation or anesthesia. At A-Vet small animal clinic, no animal leaves the clinic while they are still in a dormant state, and we strive to provide the best care throughout the patient's stay with us.