Ensuring safe and effective anesthesia care is essential for a successful surgical procedure. Here we proudly present our new anesthesia machine, Mindray Veta 5, an innovative solution that takes patient care to new heights by combining advanced technology, reliability and ease of use. Here we have a device with gas anaesthesia, ventilator (breathing machine) and monitoring in one and the same unit.  

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Ventilator Features That Exceed Expectations:

Mindray Veta 5 comes equipped with an advanced ventilator that offers precise and tailored respiratory support. The intelligent management of respiratory parameters gives the anesthesiologist and veterinarian the control they need to easily adjust treatment in real time. With several advanced ventilation modes and the option of pressure- or volume-controlled ventilation, the Veta 5 is able to meet a wide range of patient needs. The intelligent algorithm dynamically adapts to ensure optimal breathing cycle and ventilation parameters.

The anesthetic machine has a backup ventilation that activates mechanical breathing, if the patient does not meet the criteria for spontaneous/natural ventilation.

The machine also has a built-in turbine, which means that the device does not need to be connected to external compressed air to drive ventilation.

Monitoring in Real Time for Increased Patient Safety:

En key function by Mindray Veta 5 is the advanced monitor that provides detailed and accurate monitoring of the patient's vital signs. The large and user-friendly touch screen provides immediate access to important data.

Here are some of the common vital parameters that can be monitored:

  1. ECG (electrocardiogram): Records the electrical activity of the heart.
  2. SpO2 (oxygen saturation): Measures the percentage of oxygen bound to hemoglobin in the blood.
  3. Blood pressure: Monitors systolic and diastolic blood pressure.
  4. Pulse rate: Number of heartbeats per minute.
  5. Respiration rate: Number of breathing cycles per minute.
  6. Temperature: Measures body temperature.
  7. EtCO2 (end-tidal carbon dioxide): Measures the level of carbon dioxide on exhalation.
  8. Capnography: Monitors the carbon dioxide concentration in exhaled air.
  9. Invasive blood pressure (-We use regular): Direct measurement of blood pressure using an invasive sensor. 

This enables healthcare personnel to keep a close eye on the patient's condition throughout the procedure, and to quickly respond to any changes.

Designed for Ease of Use:

Mindray Veta 5 is designed with ease of use in mind. The intuitive interface and lightweight design make it easy to integrate into our existing workflow, while providing a seamless experience for us at the animal clinic. Easy access to important functions and quick configuration allows the veterinarian and animal caretaker to focus on patient care.

Mindray Veta 5 ventilator with monitor at A-Vet Small Animal Clinic. Anesthesia

Safety as Priority:

Patient safety is always our top priority, and Mindray Veta 5 has been developed with this in mind. Advanced safety functions, such as alarm systems for deviating parameters and backup options, provide extra security in critical moments.

Choose the Mindray Veta 5 to deliver outstanding anesthesia care for your dog and cat. With a focus on ventilator functions and real-time monitoring, this anesthesia machine is the ideal choice for modern healthcare!