Treatment of severe corneal damage at Skogskatten Viktor

Viktor the forest cat was diagnosed with a serious corneal damage. Due to our expertise in eye surgery, we often receive animals with such injuries. Corneal injuries can be challenging and difficult to treat, especially if the owner has waited a long time to see the vet.

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A while ago, Viktor, a Norwegian Forest Treasurer, became referred to us from an animal clinic in Tønsberg. He had a large and deep wound on his cornea that would not heal. The wound was getting deeper, and it was urgent to start the treatment.

The cornea consists of several layers, and when a wound becomes deep, there is always a risk of rupture. If this happens, the eye must be removed. When Viktor was referred to us, his damage had reached the innermost layer of the cornea.

Need for surgery

Viktor was carefully treated with both medication and surgery by our team. After three weeks, the wound had healed completely and healing was successful. Afterwards, Viktor experiences a certain dullness in the cornea, but his vision is almost as good as before! And the best part is that the cornea is expected to become more transparent over time.

It is always important to identify the cause of an eye injury, but when a long time has passed, it can be challenging to determine the exact cause. In Viktor's case, it most likely suggests a combination of trauma and bacterial secondary infection as the cause of the injury.

A veterinarian sits next to a brown dog and holds it around.

Elisabeth is a veterinarian and authorized ophthalmologist with specialization in eye surgery, as well as further training in internal medicine, general surgery, oral surgery and ultrasound from the European School for Advanced Veterinary Studies in Toulouse.