Can dogs see colors like us humans, and can dogs perceive TV images?

Have you ever wondered if dogs see the world in the same colors as us humans?? Can they really perceive TV images in the same way? Let's explore dogs' color vision and their ability to understand TV images.

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Can dogs see colors?

It is widely accepted that dogs see the world differently than we humans. They actually update colors in a completely different way. While humans see a wide range of colors, dogs have a much more limited color vision. For dogs, the world is limited to mainly two colors: yellow and blue. The red that we see as a warm, lively color becomes for dogs a shade of white or yellow.

You can compare a dog's color vision to a person who is color blind. This means that when choosing toys for your four-legged friend, you should consider sticking to colors in the yellow and blue spectrum. These colors will be the most visible and vivid to your dog.

The dog's ability to sharply distinguish between different shades is also limited compared to humans. Dogs see more blurry and do not have the same sharpness of vision as we do. But dogs have other characteristics that compensate for this limited color vision.

The dog's color spectrum

The dog's color spectrum. Can dogs see colors?

The human color spectrum

the human color spectrum.

The dog's ability to see in the dark

While dogs may not see as sharply as humans, they have a remarkable ability to see in the dark. Dogs' night vision is significantly better than ours, thanks to special light-sensitive cells in their eyes. This enables them to move and detect objects even in dim light or in total darkness.

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The dog's wider field of vision 

Another impressive feature of dogs is their wide field of vision. While humans see best straight ahead, dogs have a wider range of vision. This makes them good at detecting movements and objects in the periphery of the visual field. That's one of the reasons why dogs are so good at detecting things that we might not notice.

Does the dog perceive TV images?

Now to the question of whether the dog perceives TV images. Modern televisions usually transmit more than 700 frames per second, and the dog is able to perceive these fast images. Dogs also perceive movement very well, so they will definitely notice the action on the screen.

But as mentioned earlier, dogs have limited color vision. TV pictures will not appear in as vivid colors to them as they do to us. They will perceive the images mainly as a combination of yellow and blue, which gives a somewhat different visual impression. In addition, the sharpness of the images will be less compared to our vision.

So, although dogs can certainly see and perceive television images, their experience will be different from ours due to their particular color vision and vision characteristics.

Can dogs see colors?Can dogs see colors?


Although dogs see the world differently than we do in terms of color and sharpness, they are incredibly skilled when it comes to sensing movement and seeing in the dark. Their ability to perceive television images, even if they perceive them in limited colors, opens up the possibility of including them in our television entertainment.

So the answer to the question «Can dogs see colors?« is yes, but in a different way than we humans. Dogs' color vision gives them a unique perspective on the world around them, and that's part of what makes them such wonderful companions.

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