Eye disorders in Shih tzu

Eye disorders in Shih Tzu Shih Tzu is an adorable little dog breed that charms everyone with its dark eyes and modest size. These dogs have a...

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Heat stroke in dogs

Heatstroke in dogs Summer is almost here and we would like to remind you to think about the safety of your animals in the heat. Animals quickly become...

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How to deal with summer hazards?

How to deal with summer hazards for your dog or cat? In this post, we want to highlight how you can tackle some of the hazards that your dog or cat...

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The tick is here!

The tick is here - if you live in Vestfold, you are particularly vulnerable! The tick season is in full swing and here in Vestfold we are extra...

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Reduced kidney condition

Sometimes rarer syndromes turn up at the clinic. Recently we had a patient who had been diagnosed with Fanconi syndrome at another clinic, but they lacked some of the specialized equipment to follow up on it and so it ended up in our hands. I'll come back to this patient later in the post.V

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Dogs and allergies

5 signs that your dog has allergies Allergies in dogs are caused by an overreaction from the dog's immune system. Normally, the immune system protects the body against dangerous bacteria...

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Autumn poisonings

Often visits to the vet in the fall are due to dogs and cats having eaten either mouse/rat poison, rotten fruit or poisonous mushrooms. These are the symptoms and what to do in case of an accident!

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Watch out for blue-green algae!

There are many causes of vomiting and diarrhea in animals. One of the causes that is not so well known is blue-green algae that live in lakes, brackish water and seawater that the dog ingests by bathing or drinking the water. Blue-green algae are not actually algae, but bacteria that produce a toxin (cyanotoxins) that causes symptoms in both animals and humans.

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