Emergency medicine and veterinary care

At A-Vet, both veterinarians and animal nurses have completed further training in emergency medicine. We have a well-equipped laboratory that ensures fast and reliable test results. We have ongoing communication with foreign radiologists, who can quickly provide us with good answers to both X-ray and ultrasound examinations for dogs and cats.

At the clinic, we have access to oxygen, artificial ventilation and full monitoring equipment that monitors respiration, pulse, oxygen saturation, heart rate (ECG) and blood pressure. This means that we are well equipped to receive acutely ill animals from Larvik and the surrounding area.

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A-Vet offers veterinary care in Larvik

Our veterinarians are prepared when your animal needs urgent medical assistance - even outside standard opening hours. We therefore offer veterinary on-call service:

  • On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 16-18
  • On Saturdays from 10-15

We work closely with our good colleagues at Fredrikstad Animal Hospital. This enables us to offer both emergency veterinary care and quick referrals to a modern animal hospital with skilled veterinarians and good follow-up - every day of the year.

When should you seek veterinary care?

You should seek veterinary care for all acute illness or injury. If the animal has been in bad shape for a long time, but suddenly got worse, you should also contact the emergency veterinary service. For less acute cases, you can book an appointment with A-Vet here or call us on +45 33 13 98 40

A veterinarian operates on a cat. emergency medicine
A-Vet small animal clinic, Larvik. Photo by Preben Holm