A-Vet - Your Animal Clinic in Larvik

Your local vet in Larvik

Welcome to A-Vet, your local veterinarian in Larvik!

We are a modern clinic with a long history, centrally located in Larvik. We have a wide range of services in surgery, internal medicine, eye and dental diseases, general small animal medicine and have both ophthalmologists and ophthalmologist-aspirants on staff.

Skilled and caring people with long experience and a good service attitude work here. In addition, we have a very well-equipped shop at the Nordbyen center with care items, feed and equipment for dogs, cats, birds and rodents.


Monday Thursday08.00 – 18.00
Friday08.00 – 16.00
Saturday10.00 – 15.00


We prioritize emergency patients during opening hours.

Saturdays we have our own emergency service from 10am to 15pm.

Sundays is there emergency duty (collaboration with several clinics) from 10am to 18pm:

Outside opening hours Please contact:

Fredrikstad Animal Hospital:

Why choose A-Vet Small Animal Clinic?

We were established in 2004 and have become a recognized animal clinic in Larvik with a wide range of treatments and high professional competence. We have a great focus on the development of knowledge through continuing education and course participation by our skilled veterinarians. Together with ongoing investments in modern equipment, for both examination and treatment of pets and sports animals, we have thus been able to ensure high quality of our veterinary services and service.

We are more than just your local veterinarian in Larvik - we also receive referred patients from other clinics throughout the county. There are several good reasons to visit one of Vestfold's most modern veterinary clinics.

We are ISO-certified by the Norwegian Veterinary Association, which means that we meet international standards for quality management and environmental management systems.

  • Special expertise in eye diseases
  • Patella tests on all breeds
  • Special expertise in cardiac examination and heart disease
    • Heart certificate for Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • Works according to standardized European procedures
ISO 9001 Certified by the Norwegian Veterinary Association

Visit us

Come by or book an appointment veterinarian in Larvik; our address is Torsvang 2, 3271 Larvik, only 15 minutes from Sandefjord, and 30 minutes from Tønsberg. From Nordbyen, drive down Faret towards Torsvang at the roundabout by Lampehuset. We are located quite far down between Saab and NAF, in the same building as Mekonomen. We also have free parking.

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